Kübox helps you reduce the cost of shipping throughout your entire supply chain.

No wood

Kübox is 1/4 the weight of a wood crate and assembles in 1/10 the time it takes to build a wood crate.

Made of paper, Kübox is not subject to ISPM export regulations, it can
be opened and resealed for customs examinations.

No wait

Same-day shipping available for standard sizes.

No minimum order quantity for custom sizes, prototypes turnaround of 2-3 days.

No damage

Kübox is ISTA certified tested. Our lightweight shipping crates have a stacking strength of over 3,500 lbs. and are resistant to compression of up to 5,300 lbs.

Assembly requires just 1 person with no special tools. No risk of injuries caused by splinters, nails or clips.

No waste

Kübox’s modular design allows for easy shipping and storage. Ten Küboxes use the same space as one large wooden crate.

Kübox is reusable, all parts are replaceable.

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