What is Kübox?

Kübox is a lightweight shipping container designed with aerospace engineering, stronger than a cardboard box while being 25% the weight of a wood crate.

What is Kübox made of?

Kübox integrates engineered laminated paper profiles, triple-layered corrugated fiberboard panels, and rugged plastic corner hubs and pins.

Where can I get Kübox shipping containers?

We deliver anywhere in the United States. For international orders, contact us.

What is the size of a Kübox?

We have a wide variety of standard sizes for parcel and for freight.

Our smallest standard container for parcel is 12 cubic inches, and the largest standard size for freight is 48” x 40” x 40”.

Do you offer custom sizes?

We offer custom sizes with no minimum order quantity. Our custom sized prototype turnaround is 2-3 days. Maximum panel size is 100 x 48 inches.

How to choose the size of a Kübox?

Measure the item you want to ship, add some inches to allow enough room for protective packaging materials. The resulting measures are the inside dimensions of your Kübox. Add 3 inches to each inside dimension (length, width and height) and these will be the outside dimensions of your Kübox.

How much does a Kübox shipping crate weigh?

Our standard sizes for parcel have an average weight of 20 lbs, while standard sizes for freight are in average 40 lbs.

Can I use Kübox for shipping items via parcel?

Kübox is the ideal alternative to wood crates for shipping large and heavy items via parcel (UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.). If you currently ship up to 130 pounds via freight, you can switch to parcel with Kübox.

How much weight can a Kübox hold?

While being lightweight, Kübox is designed for heavy-duty shipping.

With Kübox, you can ship up to 130 pounds of product via parcel. Using freight, Kübox replaces large wood crates for shipping up to 2,500 pounds.

Is Kübox safe for shipping fragile items?

Kübox is ISTA certified tested, which means our lightweight crates are strong enough to resist compression and vibration, while keeping fragile items safe during shipping. Resistant corner hubs absorb the shock of rough handling, with a patented design that allows Kübox containers to stack and stay in place throughout shipping.

Is Kübox safe for international shipping?

Yes. Made mostly of paper, Kübox crates are not subject to ISPM export regulations, and therefore don’t need the special treatment that wood crates require to prevent contamination. Additionally, Kübox shipping containers can be opened and resealed for customs examinations without the need for any crowbars or potentially dangerous tools.

How do I build a Kübox shipping box?

Our shipping crates take only one person to assemble, with no need for special tools. Your Kübox containers arrive with all parts nested inside for simple transport and storage. To assemble, remove the corner hubs and open the lid. Remove the 4 small cardboard spacers from each corner, and take the end-walls and panels out of the container. Insert the end-walls into the base of the
Kübox and fit the panels into the base and the end-walls of the Kübo container. Pack your items inside the assembled Kübox, securing them with padding materials. Close the Kübox by placing the lid on top of the 4 cardboard walls, place the four corner hubs on the top lid, and secure the lid by inserting two plastic pins per corner hub. Your Kübox is now ready for shipping.

How do I keep my Kübox crates closed? Do I need tape to reinforce for shipping?

Once the Kübox is assembled, two resistant plastic pins are inserted into each of the corner hubs to secure the box together. No tape is required.

Can Kübox help reduce the risk of injuries?

Kübox’s modular design allows for easy assembling and handling. There are no splinters, nails or clips, and no crowbar is required to open the container, reducing the risk of injuries.

Can Kübox be used for storage?

Before being assembled, Kübox knocks down to just 7 inches high, therefore you can store up to 10 Kübox crates in the same space used by one large wood. After being assembled, Kübox can be used multiple times for shipping and for storage.

Are Kübox crates reusable?

Kübox is specifically designed to be used more than once, enabling an eco-friendly alternative for shipping crates. From all the wood containers and pallets produced every year, only up to 27% get recycled. Most of them end up in landfills (59%) and the rest get combusted (14%). This is why we believe reusability is a higher calling than recyclability.

Are Kübox containers waterproof?

Kübox containers are not waterproof, but using plastic stretch wrap can make them water resistant.